This simple cocktail recipe for an Auchentoshan signature drink is inspired by hometown spirit. Auchentoshan is a Lowland Single Malt whisky with a strong sense of place and identity. Glasgow has been a part of the distillery’s story since the beginning and proves to be the inspiration on this twist on a familiar combination .

A featured whisky cocktail from our New Malt Order series of city drinks, this fun recipe is an Auchentoshan creation, from our home to yours. Give it a try to expand your whisky horizons.  

Glasgow’s twist on the famous Moscow Mule, an ever-popular cocktail that was first created to make vodka more appealing for the American drinks market.

For this local iteration of the cocktail, the Glasgow Mule uses Auchentoshan’s American Oak Single Malt Scotch whisky for its smoothness and mixability to create a refreshing and accessible cocktail.

American Oak is a versatile Single Malt with a smooth finish. Think of Auchentoshan when you want to shake up classic cocktails. It’s Distilled Different.

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Whisky Recipes: How to Make a Glasgow Mule cocktail

Cocktail Ingredients

This simple recipe for a whisky cocktail only has three ingredients.
50ml Auchentoshan American Oak
150ml ginger beer
Garnish with an orange twist or wedge of lime


Squeeze the lime into a collins glass and drop in the shell. Add two or three ice cubes, then pour in the American Oak and fill with cold ginger beer.